Lofoten Islands Photo Tours

Lofoten Islands Photo Tours
I am just back from my first Lofoten photo tour of 2019, and what a tour it was. I'd been to the Lofoten Islands on three other occasions, all with sublime light and conditions but this trip really took the biscuit.
My clients and myself traveled from Dublin to Bodø via Oslo, got our bus at Bodø airport and onto the ferry for the last leg of our journey to Moskenes. After some 18 hours of travel we arrived to Lofoten with just a short 20 minute drive to our accommodation, the famous red cabins of Hamnøy. To me, staying in these, neat, cosy cabins is a must while running a tour here, the cabin we had was a three bedroom, two story cabin which was good and spacious, warm with the best views of all Hamnøy.

We arrived at base camp around 7.30am, as sunrise was at 10.30am we decided to drop the bags and head out shooting pretty much straight away. With sunrise at 10.30am and sunset, 2pm, days were short, but not as short as you may think. Because of the angle o…

The Dolomites, a photographers paradise.

It's been a few months since I led my very first two Dolomites photo tours, which I was absolutely delighted to sell out. Leading up to the trips it was hard not to be excited, I had been to the Dolomites in October 2017 with my good pals Johnny Baird and Felix Sproll. It really was the trip of a lifetime, A bucket list location that I thought to myself i'd never in my wildest dreams ever photograph there never mind run photo tours there.

Leading up to the trips it was as exciting as it gets, but as the trips grew closer one or two nerves crept in, its normal for a trip, especially an international one because you want/need so many things to come together. Your going away with people you've never been away with before, most of the time they are strangers to each other also, but you also want the accommodation to be nice and the weather to be perfect. About one hour into the first of the two tours any nerves I had had completely disappeared, I had amazing clients, it's…
The Milky Way or Aurora Borealis??
Even though they both involve using the same type of lenses, f2.8 or lower preferably, both also need dark skies, but in terms of shooting, living in Ireland, the Milky Way involves going as far South as possible while the aurora involves us going as far North as possible.
Below is a prime example, an Aurora image from Lough Salt, Donegal in September 2017 and a Milky Way image from Ardmore, Waterford in February 2018.

Although we don't get as much of the Milky Way core in Ireland as countries further South or in the Southern Hemisphere, it's almost, if not better, to shoot the Milky Way from Ireland, for a few reasons...
- We don't get many nights of clear skies in Ireland - We don't get fully dark skies in the summer (best times to shoot Feb-Apr & Aug-Sept) due to the Milky Way only lining up and certain times of the year. - We need there to be little or no moon - If all of the above lines up, due to early sunrises or late moonrises, w…