The Milky Way or Aurora Borealis??

Even though they both involve using the same type of lenses, f2.8 or lower preferably, both also need dark skies, but in terms of shooting, living in Ireland, the Milky Way involves going as far South as possible while the aurora involves us going as far North as possible.
Below is a prime example, an Aurora image from Lough Salt, Donegal in September 2017 and a Milky Way image from Ardmore, Waterford in February 2018.

Although we don't get as much of the Milky Way core in Ireland as countries further South or in the Southern Hemisphere, it's almost, if not better, to shoot the Milky Way from Ireland, for a few reasons...
- We don't get many nights of clear skies in Ireland - We don't get fully dark skies in the summer (best times to shoot Feb-Apr & Aug-Sept) due to the Milky Way only lining up and certain times of the year. - We need there to be little or no moon - If all of the above lines up, due to early sunrises or late moonrises, w…

Epic Iceland

Epic Iceland
Its been a couple of months since my two back to back Iceland Photography Tours in November 2017.  To say they were amazing would be a massive understatement. When it comes to running these tours, nine times out of ten my clients number one aim is to see the aurora dancing across the sky and its up to me to get them into the best possible position to view it.
Generally I think its important to get off to a good start and get some green on the first night or two, this helps set the tone for the week and is brilliant for client morale. The first day generally has the most driving of the trip driving 3-4 hours to the accommodation (not including stopping for photos along the way). Normally its dark by the time we get to our house for the week but it also means it gives us plenty of opportunity to hunt for some clear skies, given it being the first night we are just happy to get the aurora, be it at a popular landmark or just a simple side of the road shot.
Luckily, on the fi…

Under arctic light

"You're mad going there in November"
That is what I was told by a few people when I mentioned that I was headed to The Lofoten Islands, Norway in the middle of November. It gets too much rain, its too windy, the light is bad... the list goes on. We had none of the above, We had epic light, amazing clear skies and even better aurora displays!!!
We arrived at our accommodation in Hamnoy, Lofoten late at night after a long day of travelling and we just hit the hay right away. I must admit I found it hard to sleep due to a mix of over tiredness and excitement at what the next week had in store for us. Skip to the next morning when we woke... I raced outside to check out the views from the cabin and to say I was blown away would be an understatement.  (Below is a shot which was taken literally a 2 minute walk from our cabin at sunrise)

The accommodation we stayed in on our tour was down here in this fishing village of Hamnoy in one of these red cabins. They are ideally situat…

The unplanned trip...

Hey Folks, 
Its been a while since my last Blog so apologies for that, thankfully its been a busy couple of months. Hopefully get back on track with these Blogs. Also some pretty exciting news on the way in the next month or to so keep an eye out on my Facebook page for that.
The unplanned trip...
They say the best times are the times that aren't planned... Well Thursday the 31st of August I defiantly found evidence of that. After a long day I toyed with the idea to head shooting  Astro at Glendalough Upper Lake in Co.Wicklow. I gave my good pal Colm Keating (Colm Keating Photography) on FB a call and he didn't have to think twice about coming to shoot the stars. We decided to try make it for sunset, I didn't quite make it but Colm did and got some crackers. As the sky darkened we went to the Glendalough Hotel for some grub.

After we finished eating the sky was dark enough to get shooting, albeit with a bit of a moon to mess around with. The moon out meant we could get cle…

Adventures on the water...

The last few months I've been trying to think of different was of creating adventure and exploring new ground and just generally doing something new. After a recent great spell of weather I got out my trusty inflatable kayak... or so I thought. A quick paddle down the canal and the word trusty wasn't so trusting after all... holes holes and more holes, quickly followed by a wet bum!

Knowing the good spell of weather was here to stay I really wanted a kayak that actually floated so out with the phone and on to the DoneDeal app I went, BOOM after only an hour searching I came across a nice little one only 10 minutes from my house. A quick exchange of a few 50's and it wasn't long until I was floating down the canal with the pup by my side happy as Larry.

Given that the canal is only 2 minutes from my home its always an easy place to come to and just chill out enjoying the nature around, listening to the birds and watching the hundreds of fish swim freely below me. The s…

Our brand new website...

Hello folks and welcome to my latest blog,
This blog is all about our brand new website https://www.bglandscapetours.ieand some of its super cool features to make it even easier for you to not only book a tour but do it in a way thats convenient to you, the client.
The photo at the top of the page is the home page to the websiteand is designed to be both simple and effective (CLICK ANY OF THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE THEM). As you can see from the photo above its pretty straight forward and you should be able to browse it effortlessly. I will however go through the site step by step to show you how it works and how booking a tour or photography workshop has never been easier... Still reading?? Well follow me.

Pretty simple really. This section is a straight forward introduction from myself with info about myself, why I love landscape photography and sightseeing around Ireland and as much of the world as possible. Alongside me in the little photo inside the photo is my right hand man…

Switzerland...ticking off the top of the bucket list

The 4th of May 2017... The time I had been waiting for, for years I've longed to visit Switzerland and especially this mountain above, The Matterhorn. Well before I even thought about starting photography I have longed to see this mountain up close and personal. Although unpredictable and dangerous at the best of times, it just oozes class and beauty.

We left for Dublin airport at 4am to catch our flight to Basel, a quick 2 hour flight was followed by 3 train journeys (sounds horrible but they broke up the time nicely). When we arrived at Zermatt we were amazed by its beauty, it was mild but had really low cloud so there wasn't a mountain to be seen. I hadn't really got any idea where exactly the Matterhorn was in terms of viewing it from Zermatt town but I knew it was somewhere behind those clouds.

We hadn't really got an idea what to expect from Zermatt, it was a smallish town with charm, beauty and majestic mountains and the town itself sits over 1,600m above sea l…